Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service (YMMSS) is the managing agency for YES.  It provides comprehensive support for the programme including:

  • administration and management
  • professional support services from social workers, psychologists, occupational therapists and speech therapists
  • local services referral and connections



Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service is a multi-disciplinary social service agency organized by the Ward Memorial Methodist Church and established in 1967.

In 1953, the Methodist Committee for Overseas Relief (MCOR) came to Hong Kong with the Wei Li Kung Hui (The Methodist Church).MCOR is an international welfare organization sponsored by the United Methodist Church, USA. It serves over 40 countries around the world with basic progrmames of emergency relief, cash assistance resettlement. MCOR also works through other international and denominational organizations, such as Church World Service of USA and the World Council of Churches, Geneva, Switzerland.

During the early years, when trained social work personnel was almost completely unavailable, MCOR worked along with other agencies to meet the needs of Hong Kong on an emergency basis. When the Wei Li King Hui was in a position to develop its own local casework and relief programmes, MCOR was ready to establish the Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service Centre, which was managed by the Ward Memorial Methodist Church in 1967, in memory of Rev Chester Yang, the founding pastor of the Ward Memorial Methodist Church. The new building of the YSSC and the Ward Memorial Methodist Church situated at the Waterloo Road were dedicated to open on October 29, 1967.

The Wei Li Kung Hui and the Chinese Methodist Church united in 1975 and formed the new Methodist Church, Hong Kong. In September 1990, Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service Centre was renamed as the Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service.

The Methodist Study Trust (MST) was established by the Methodist International Church, Hong Kong in 1984 through the generous donations from its church members. The aim of the Study Trust is to enable disabled and deprived students to complete their education by providing financial support to them on school-related expenses. From July 2004 onwards, the MST has been administered by Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service (YMMSS).

Through providing bursaries, MST aims at helping Form 4 or above students with financial needs or physical disabilities to overcome their financial problems and continue with their education.  Furthermore, in order to promote an inclusive environment for people with special needs and to encourage the spirit of acceptance in the community, MST provides various educational and employment skills training for adults or young people with special educational needs at the Methodist Study Trust Education Centre (MSTEC) in Lower Wong Tai Sin Estate.